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With the opening of sport complex “Zemgale”, on 31 August 2001, began new phase in Jelgava sports life.
Ice Halle offers a variety of new features for residents of Jelgava, until the construction of the hall that was not possible because of the warm winter and the absence of that kind of complex.
Today, when in full swing is carried out fourteenth season, in Jelgava apparently is reborn such a sport as hockey, a decline culminated in the last century in the early nineties.
In Jelgavas Ice hall – Jelgava Premier League Ice Hockey Club “Zemgale / LLU” spends their daily trainings and Jelgava Ice sports school hockey players, whose total number is approaching four hundreds, also are visited the different age groups of figure skating in large number and short track speed skaters.
Young hockey players in different age groups have won the national championship awards and currently now in different age groups teams occupies the leading position in the LHF championship. The considerable success of our figure skaters, who now successfully participate in various international competitions, as well as European and World Championships.
Jelgava Ice hall is the birthplace of Latvian curling. Our team also have some remarkable success in this kind of sport.
Since the construction of specialized Curling Hall in Riga, all training processes and events takes place there on a specially made high-quality curling ice, which in the short term would be impossible to prepare in the hall, where at the same time are training hockey players. Despite this, Curling International tournaments still takes place twice a season in Jelgavas Ice hall. In the spring “Jelgava cup” and in the autumn “Zemgales cup”, where traditionally participates more than 10 teams (Estonia, Lithuania, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Andorra, Belarus, Russia, Canada).
Also Latvian stand hockey national team place of birth is Jelgava Ice hall. This team for several seasons has been participating with success in both the European and World Championships and stand hockey events. In 2006 was held World Championship of stand hockey in Jelgava Ice hall, which was attended by representatives of the six countries – Finland, Czech Republic, Russia, the US, Canada and also Latvia. The greatest achievement of Latvian national stand hockey team was in 2011 right here in Jelgava Ice hall, they won the European Champions Cup. Also this year they will go to Canada.
Ice hall will hold the fourteenth season of Zemgales Amateur Hockey League, the number of participants in each season is around 15 amateur and 10 amateur-veteran teams. Jelgava Ice hall is holding numerous international children, youth and veterans hockey tournaments. We have had the teams from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Great Britain, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the United States and Canada.
Their training camps in summers on the ice are having hockey players from Belarus – Novopolotsk “Himik”, youth team of Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Kharkov, as well as figure skaters from 8 countries.
Already for four summers in Jelgava Ice hall are held international Kārlis Skrastiņš and Oskars Bārtulis hockey training camps, where trainings are run by respectable experts from the National Hockey League, as well as Sweden and Finland.
Ice hall by changing floor coverings, has hold important events for Jelgava and the rest of Latvia: the International Folklore Festival “Sudmaliņas” our own popular band “Brainstorm” concert, several national exhibitions, as well as popular in Jelgava Student Days.
Ice Halle have café where you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, have delicious meal, or watch hockey matches on the big screen, sipping a glass of beer.
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